Modul-System Product Range

Drawer units

The drawer units are modular in width, depth and height, and can easily be combined with other products in the range. The drawer unit frame's integrated T-tracks can be used for securing cargo, attaching accessories and for versatile surface mounting. Cover panels and tool boards are sold separately.

Drawer units frames

The drawer unit frame provides safe and convenient storage for Mobil-Boxes and drawers. Modular in width, depth and height, the frames can easily be combined with other products within the system. The frames allow individual configuration of Mobil-Boxes on fixed or extendible shelves, and drawers if required.

Extra long drawers

The extra long drawers are designed for heavy, bulky items and have a load capacity of 80 kg per drawer, with a maximum of 200 kg per drawer unit. The drawers can be pulled out 70 percent and come in depths of up to 1.5m. You can combine them to suit your cargo and vehicle perfectly.

End sections

Shelf end supports and extension frames are mainly used in the racking system's end sections. The T-tracks integrated in the profiles are used for securing cargo, attaching accessories and for versatile surface mounting. Tool boards are clipped onto the shelf end support or extension frame.


Our standard shelves have a height of 54 mm and the long side edges are double folded to increase load capacity. There are regular cut outs along the front and back for mounting dividers. For ultimate practicality, shelves can be combined with Modul-Boxes and rubber mats. Load capacity 120 kg.


Our range of lockers provides effective storage for your cargo and can usefully be combined with drawer units and other components. All vertical, horizontal, and gas bottle lockers are modular in width, depth and height. The support frame's integrated T-track is useful for securing cargo, attaching accessories, and for versatile surface mounting.

Work benches

By combining work benches and tool boards with drawer units, shelf end supports and shelves, you can create a useful and practical space for working and stowing items in your vehicle. Tool boards and tool rails can be used in many different ways, wherever you need to keep your tools in order.

Extendible base frames

Extendible base frames are securely attached to the vehicle floor and are suitable for loading and unloading heavy, bulky items. A simple release mechanism allows the frame to be extended out from the vehicle. The base frame can be pulled out 70 percent.

Tool trolley

A robust tool trolley for your workshop. The trolley is of the same high quality as our modules for service vehicles, and offers efficient storage of hand and machine tools. The tool trolley is fitted with high quality industrial wheels, which means that it can be moved around easily on all surfaces.


The main advantage of Modul-Cogo is that this system is fast and easy to assemble. In addition, the vehicle's load space is maximised, as the floor remains free to put additional cargo on. The pre-assembled racking systems are available in a number of variants and are mounted onto a bracket specific for your vehicle model.

Cover panels / tool boards

To help optimise the weight, cover panels and tool boards are optional for many of our modules. Cover panels and tool boards that are used for example on drawer units, shelf end supports or drawer unit frames are mounted using clips. The tool boards' hole pattern permits attachment of accessories.


Modul-System accessories are innovative products that have been specifically developed for use with the Modul-System range. By adding Modul-System accessories, you can extend the functionality of the racking system and make your workspace even more efficient.

Roof racks

Our roof racks from Thule Professional were developed by the world leader in roof rack and cargo carrier systems. Every part of the system, including all components and materials, is thoroughly tested to be ready for the toughest assignment. The result is a flexible,secure and time-saving system for your specific requirements and future needs.

Fitting accessories

Thanks to the unique T-track solution, our products can be installed quickly, easily and safely. The modules are connected using assembly kits. The racking is installed in the vehicle using mounting brackets. The assorted screw kits are designed to cover most installation requirements.